Burress Design Group Services

Burress Design Group offers a full range of services to guide each client through their project whether large or small. Providing architectural plans, design boards, and even general contracting makes BDG a premier design firm in North Texas.

BDG is fully equipped to oversee Full Home Renovations and New Builds as well. We aid in creating custom architectural plans that provide beauty and ultimate functionality. After meeting to discuss inspiration, color palettes, tone, and theme, our team will work to create design boards and 3D images that includes every detail such a rug, tile, flooring, and fabric selections, window treatments, new and existing furniture, decorative items and artwork, as well as our favorite detail: implementing family heirlooms into modern spaces.

Commercial New Builds and Renovations are also within the scope of Burress Design Group services. Creating an office space that is functional and inspiring for employees while also being impressive to clients is a specialty of our firm, and we look forward to helping yours!

A la Carte items include Small Remodels such a bathrooms or laundry rooms; Home Staging to help prepare for a photoshoot or sale of the home; and Room Refreshes to update favorite spaces with a new aesthetic. Rejuvenating small rooms like this can be just enough to brighten a stagnant space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step in hiring Burress Design Group?

If you’re interested in our design services for your home or office, please schedule an initial consultation through our website. Our team will be in touch within 1-2 business days.

Do I have to purchase all of the products Burress Design Group recommends?

Our designers will make selections based on what we think will work best for you or your business, but you are not obligated to buy what we suggest. You can also purchase at your leisure so not everything has to be purchased all at once.

If you prefer to purchase everything and all at once, Burress Design Group can store your furnishings in our warehouse and deliver them to you over one or two installation days based on scale of project. Client will be billed monthly for warehouse storage and cost of delivery to home.

How long does the design process take?

On average, 4-6 weeks in the design phase before moving into purchasing and installation. Deliveries and preparation for install typically take 4-8 weeks. In total, you should expect the process to take about 2-5 months depending on the scope of the project. This process is separate from full residential and commercial renovations or new builds which will take longer to complete.

Can I communicate to the designer the type of style I like?

Our designers will definitely work within your design style! We also want to hear of any specific needs you have, whether it’s functional (medical related) or aesthetic (maybe because of your alma mater, you must have a touch of maroon in every room). You’re the one who lives in the space we help create; so our number one goal is to make your space a place of comfort and joy and a reflection of who you are or what your company wants to portray.

What is typically discussed at an initial consultation?

Some typical questions our designers might ask at the initial consultation might be: What is your goal for this project? What do you love or not love about your home or business? How do you use your rooms in your home or business? Are there any special needs that need to be accommodated? What is your budget? Do you have any furniture or collectibles that we need to use in our designs? Do you have any color preferences? What styles do you like? What styles do you not like? Is there a specific timeframe you’re looking to?

Can I use my existing furniture and decor?

We can take any existing pieces you have into consideration when designing for you. We know some pieces are sentimental and have meaning to our clients.

What does a typical project schedule look like?

We first start with the initial consultation where we will discuss the details of your project and determine how we can help bring the vision to life. After we have all of your information, including floor plans and inspiration photos, we will begin designing your space. The design phase includes design boards, 2-D or 3-D renderings if applicable, product purchasing, and reviewing contractor CADs if applicable. Finally, if the client chooses, Burress Design Group can install and style your space based on the design boards provided to you. During install and style, we will manage the construction projects if applicable. Every project scope is different and every client is different, so not every project will follow the same schedule.

How do you determine your project fee?

Project fees are based on the scope of the project. After the initial consultation, a custom design fee proposal and contract will be provided. Please note that mileage fees will be included in the proposal if outside of Collin County.

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